I finished the first prototype Corsa “PG90” guitar, and used it at my BB King’s gig a few weeks ago. The guitar is awesome! Designed as an entry level priced custom made Corsa guitar, these have plain maple tops, no body or neck binding and black plastic headstock overly (as found on many guitars these days). Other than these “irrelevant to tone” cosmetic features, the guitars have all the same parts and features of a Corsa LCPG model, except for the pickups, of course. Just like I did in developing the Manalishi humbuckers, I went through many sets of P90s, tweaking them to where I needed them to be to deliver the most outstanding tone you will ever hear from this type of single coil pickup guitar.

For this PG90-P1 prototype, I did “faux” body binding, in Black Magic color all around. I will soon have another proto ready using either a Faber TPW-59 wrap tailpiece or a Faber TPWC compensated wrap. Whichever one works better is the one I’ll go with. In any case, I plan on offering the PG90 with either bridge/tailpiece configuration. I will likely do the next wraptail prototype in a transparent “burst” color scheme, without the faux binding. These guitars will not be available until around February/March of next year. Have a look at the “PG90 Preview” video: